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Guide to Monza (not only for hitchhikers!)


Guide to Monza (not only for hitchhikers)



So, why did I went to Monza on this weekend? Maybe this story has begun when I was little child. I was 10, if I remember well, when my father brought home a BMW. It was an old green car, what was saved from the breaking down by a friend of my dad. This friend repaired that BMW, and my dad bought that.

Our BMW was a very comfortable, nice and reliable car. This was a love for the first moment! So, from that moment the BMW is one of my big loves! And I think, I’ll never change a 15 years old love!

The other reason is a fantastic Italian guy, who shown me what means the sentence: „regardless of the condition”. His name is Alex Zanardi.

Actually I never was anyone’s fun. I don’t know how should I do that. I like some people because of some reasons, and I had 2 heroes in my life: Johnny Herbert, and Alex Zanardi.

So, I always wanted to go to Italy, I love the BMW, and one of my heroes is driving there, I decided: I’ll go to Monza in this year.

Just I wanted to go there as a normal spectator, but I won two passes by Alex’s „write-a-joke competition”, and finally my boss asked to me a media accreditation. So I went to there with my accreditation, as a journalist. (Maybe I can use a little bit later Alex’s passes…)

And, if I gave an accreditation, I had to write an article about the atmosphere of the race. If you want to read my experiences about the race, you can do it now…


Actually I hate to fly! I really hate to fly!!! And I hate to wake up early morning, waiting for a taxi (what doesn’t come), etc… And I needed to go by the Wizzair, I had to wait half an hour to the taxi (because I was forgot!), and this all happened at 04:00, am! So, I was sooo nervous, and I was still on the land! Finally, when I finished the chek-in, I saw a man. Yes I saw some men in that morning on the airport, but this man worn a BMW Team UK jacket, and he looked like Andy Priaulx… At 05:30, am, you can’t understand what does Andy Priaulx in Budapest! But I knew: If Andy Priaulx will land in one piece in Milan, so I’ll do. And if you know this, much easier to sit on an airplane…



„The disorder is terribly big…” (Thurstday and Friday)



This is the place of the „what-mustn’t-try-to-do-in-Milan” things. But I don’t want to write a terrible long list about these. So fact: Milan is a complicated place…


How is possible, that in this country nobody speaks English, and if I can manage to explain with my bad Italian that I want to go Monza to the racetrack, the people are watching me as an UFO? This is a country, where everyone love the motoring, and in Milan nobody knows how can I go to Monza, what is not farer from here than 12 km! Is WTCC?, what is the WTCC?, where is the WTCC? – no answer in Milan! And I feel: now I become crazy!


If you don’t know, what is the WTCC, I try to explain shortly: as on Eurosport you can hear: „real cars, real racing”. So really „real cars”. That type cars, in what usually has in front 2 armchairs, and back a sofa. However in these cars no sofa in back, and the armchair of mother-in-law is out too. Instead that is some balance. If you are good, you can get some points and some balance… So, only the good guys can give balance! And has a steering wheel. Maybe it is more expensive than a Nascar steering wheel, because is possible to turn it in both direction (not just left!). The World Touring Car Championship started at 2004 as European Touring Car Championship, and nobody won a title, expect Andy Priaulx whit his BMW! But nowadays Andy is a good guy. He thought: maybe anybody else want to win a championship… (or his BMW thought it!) And these elses are very happy on it! In this year Yvan Muller (SEAT) has the biggest chance to win the title, however mathematically could win almost 10 other guys still! Now everyone knows, what is the WTCC, expect Milaners, because they doesn’t speak English!


The atmosphere is free. Really free. However Alex Zanardi wrote on his website: Monza is a closed race, I don’t want to go to a more opened race! And yes, the disorder is big, however maybe I just feel it, because they are Italians…      




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